If you know if a group or baby friendly place that’s not on here please contact us below with all the details so we can add it to the timetable. Equally, if you know of one that’s not running anymore please let us know using the form below so that we can take it off immediately to prevent someone turning up to find no-one there!

If you would like to email us information :

Please copy the whole listing that you need us to change, edit the details, and paste it into an email. Then it’s much easier to change it on the website, thanks!
** Note : I’ve changed this email address and fixed the emails so it now works!

If you wish to change a current listing or add a new one please use the contact form below with the following information:

  • Name of the group
  • Day + time of the group
  • Contact information for the group
  • Website/ Facebook Page

Please also be aware that we do this on a voluntary basis around our jobs and children, so we need plenty of notice to change information.

We’d recommend that you provide contact information for your group (or a Facebook page) so that if your group is cancelled last minute then you can let people know directly, because we won’t always be able to change things immediately. Thanks!

Toddle Along in Stroud information flyer with website address, for printing

If you would like a Toddle Along flyer to put up on your local noticeboard, we have an A5 PDF version that you’re more than welcome to print:

Toddle Along Poster A5 2019